Week in Review 19-26 August 2016

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The Week in Review
19 – 27 August 2016

Concerns over Brexit must be heard – Caoimhe Archibald MLAArchibaldMLA
Sinn Féin MLA, Caoimhe Archibald has called on businesses, universities and other organisations who avail of EU funding to ensure that they make their concerns over Brexit heard.
The East Derry MLA was speaking after a day of engagements in the area with MEP Martina Anderson. Ms Archibald stated that: “There is a lot of concern among the business community, for the universities and the many others who avail of EU funding, and of course for farmers, as to the impact of the EU referendum result and the uncertainty that has resulted.”
Ms Archibald reiterated that: “It is very important that all of these stakeholders make their opinions and concerns known to their representatives in all forums, be that unions, chambers of commerce or elected representatives. The people of the North voted to remain and that vote must be recognised and respected.”

West Belfast comments no surprise – Paul Maskey MPMaskeyMP
Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey has said comments made by a former head of the civil service about West Belfast revealed as archive papers are released will not surprise people in the area.
The West Belfast MP said: “The comments made by the then head of the civil service in 1987 about West Belfast will come as no surprise to anyone who lives in the area. They are indicative of the attitude of the NIO and British government to West Belfast for decades.”
Mr Maskey continued, “West Belfast was subjected to a systematic campaign of state-sponsored violence and murder and was starved of funding and investment for many years in an attempt to keep the community down. Attempts were made to turn West Belfast into a ghetto and to criminalise and demonise its people. Those days are gone and are not coming back. While problems still exist as a result of the legacy of decades of underinvestment, West Belfast has been transformed since power was taken from the hands of unelected and unaccountable civil servants.
Mr Maskey concluded by saying: “Sinn Féin have led this transformation and continue to work daily to for the people of West Belfast and to challenge discrimination and injustice.”

Francie Molloy MP at ‘International Conference in Support of the People of the Yemen’MolloyMP
On 20 August, Francie Molloy MP addressed ‘The International Conference in Support of the People of the Yemen’ in London as a delegate on behalf of Sinn Féin.
Mr Molloy outlined the experience of the Irish Peace Process. He highlighted the importance of inclusivity, stating that: “one of the things that you had to do when you’re sitting down with former enemies was you had to recognise and respect their right to be there. Everyone had to respect each other. We had to be inclusive so that no-one was left out.”
Mr Molloy said although not all conflicts are the same, lessons can be learnt from each other’s experiences of conflict resolution and Peace Processes.
Turning to the conflict in the Yemen, Mr Molloy extended Sinn Féin’s solidarity to the people of the Yemen. He commented: “We in Sinn Féin support completely the idea of an arms embargo; there should be no arms exports from any country, the US, Britain or any other, to Saudi Arabia.”
He concluded: “Sinn Féin, as an Irish republican party, will stand with you, and support you, and wish you well in the negotiations of the future.“

Conor Murphy MLA welcomes Colombia peace dealMurphyMLA
Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has welcomed a historic peace accord between FARC and the Colombian government.
Mr Murphy, who previously travelled to Colombia to assist the peace process, said: “The peace accord between FARC and the Colombian government is a welcome step forward in the Colombian peace process. It is a further historic step in the process to end the most long-running conflict in the world.”
Mr Murphy continued, “This follows two years of peace talks in Havana, which Sinn Féin supported and participated in. I and other Sinn Féin representatives have travelled to Colombia and Cuba to meet with both sides and share our experiences of building peace. It is encouraging that both sides have agreed to work together to tackle the major political and economic issues facing the Colombian people and to deliver justice for all victims of the conflict.”
Mr Murphy pledged Sinn Féin’s continued support to the Colombian peace process as it continues to move forward.

The Loughinisland Massacre: A Policy of CollusionLoughinisland
Wednesday 7th September, 7:00pm,
Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA.
Westminster Tube, public entrance to Portcullis House, Victoria Embankment

Please allow at least 20 minutes to pass through the House of Commons security.
A public meeting with Niall Murphy; a human rights lawyer and solicitor representing the Loughinisland Massacre families and survivors, and Trevor Birney, an award-winning producer and director currently working on a feature length documentary film on the Massacre and Collusion across the north of Ireland during the conflict.
The evening will discuss the recent Police Ombudsman’s report into the massacre, which once again confirmed a shocking scale of collusion between the RUC and loyalist paramilitaries. The evening will also be screening a brief documentary feature, ‘Ceasefire Massacre’, produced by Trevor Birney for ESPN.
The evening will be chaired by Pat Doherty MP.
A Facebook Event Page can be found HERE.
RSVP by emailing: joseph.dwyer@parliament.uk or Eventbrite - The Loughinisland Massacre: a Policy of Collusion.

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