Francie Molloy MP at ‘International Conference in Support of the People of the Yemen’

MolloyMPOn 20 August, Francie Molloy MP addressed ‘The International Conference in Support of the People of the Yemen’ in London as a delegate on behalf of Sinn Féin.
Mr Molloy outlined the experience of the Irish Peace Process. He highlighted the importance of inclusivity, stating that: “one of the things that you had to do when you’re sitting down with former enemies was you had to recognise and respect their right to be there. Everyone had to respect each other. We had to be inclusive so that no-one was left out.
Mr Molloy said although not all conflicts are the same, lessons can be learnt from each other’s experiences of conflict resolution and Peace Processes.
Turning to the conflict in the Yemen, Mr Molloy extended Sinn Féin’s solidarity to the people of the Yemen. He commented: “We in Sinn Féin support completely the idea of an arms embargo; there should be no arms exports from any country, the US, Britain or any other, to Saudi Arabia.
He concluded: “Sinn Féin, as an Irish republican party, will stand with you, and support you, and wish you well in the negotiations of the future.IMG_3258a