2015 Westminster election an opportunity to maximise pro-Agreement representation

By deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA in December News Bulletin

McGuinnessSinn Féin MLA Martin McGuinness has said there is an opportunity to achieve the largest representation ever for progressive pro-agreement parties in the next Westminster and Assembly elections. Mr McGuinness said: ‘For the past two years the political process has been challenged by those who are attempting to turn the clock back.

‘There is a need to send out a clear message of support for progressive politics, the Good Friday Agreement and genuine power sharing and partnership government.

‘With an imaginative approach we could maximise representation of progressive Pro Agreement parties at the next Westminster and Assembly elections and in the process challenge the negative agenda of the anti-agreement unionist axis.

‘I am calling therefore on the SDLP to withdraw their candidates in Fermanagh/South Tyrone, Upper Bann and North Belfast with the objective of delivering electable pro-Agreement candidates. If the SDLP choose to stand in these constituencies they risk handing these seats to anti-agreement unionists.

‘This would be a setback for the political process in the North. It would also add further momentum to the British government’s shift towards increasingly partisan support for negative unionism and provide allies and support for a future Tory assault on public services.

‘In response Sinn Féin is prepared to withdraw candidates in other constituencies to reciprocate this move from the SDLP. This would clearly assist in the election of progressive proagreement candidates.’