Tory budget will drive people deeper into poverty – Francie Molloy MP

Sinn Fein

MolloySinn Féin MP Francie Molloy has said today’s Tory budget will drive people deeper into poverty.
Speaking from Westminster, the Mid Ulster MP said;
“George Osborne’s budget is the latest attack on working people from David Cameron’s cabinet of millionaires.
Tory plans to cut tax credits are targeted against low-paid workers and will hit people in the North of Ireland particularly hard.
These draconian cuts will force more and more people, including children, into hardship and condemn future generations deeper into poverty.
This will also have a depressive impact on the wider economy as working-class families will have less money to spend in local shops and businesses.
It is clear that austerity is not working.
The alternative to austerity is workable and sustainable finances for the Executive and investment to stimulate economic growth.
We need to a united approach from civic society, business, community and the trade union movement to continue to oppose austerity.”