South Armagh murder attempt despicable – Conor Murphy MP

Sinn Fein

MurphySinn Féin MP Conor Murphy has said the attempted murder of a young man outside Crossmaglen today was an attack on the peace process.
Conor Murphy said the man was injured when a device exploded close to his family home as he went to remove a poster, attacking members of the local community, which was erected by an organised criminal gang in the area.
The Newry and Armagh MP said;
“Over recent months criminal gangs masquerading as republicans have threatened the family of the young man injured.
Police recently visited the family and told them there was a threat from this group.
Now these people have attempted to kill a member of the family with a device placed close to their home.
In recent months death threats have also been made against a number of Sinn Féin activists, including myself.
Let me be absolutely clear; this was the work of a gang of criminals and I unreservedly condemn this latest cowardly action.
These thugs are opposed to the peace process and opposed to policing because of their involvement in organised crime.
My party colleagues Megan Fearon, Gerry Kelly and I recently met with the Assistant Chief Constable to discuss the ongoing threats to the local community and I have demanded the PSNI take action against them.
The threats have now escalated to what is clearly an attempt to murder people in the community opposed to their criminal activities.
It’s well past time for the PSNI to act before someone is killed.”