Francie Molloy joins disability protest at Westminster against Tory cuts

Sinn Fein

MolloySinn Féin MP Francie Molloy has said there is a growing momentum of opposition against the British government’s austerity policies.
Speaking after joining disability rights campaigners at a protest against austerity at Westminster today, Mr Molloy said;
“It is clear there is a growing momentum against the austerity agenda of the Tory government.
Disability rights campaigners travelled to Westminster today to make their views known to British Prime Minister David Cameron and his cabinet of millionaires that the cuts agenda is unacceptable.
MolloyThey were particularly angered by the British government’s decision to cut the Independent Living Fund which helps people with disability live independently and with dignity.
It is clear there is a growing groundswell of public opinion against the austerity policies of the Tory government across all levels of society.
We need to build on that momentum and engage all sectors to continue to oppose Tory cuts and protect the vulnerable and frontline public services.”