Conor Murphy MP in unity call against Tory cuts agenda

Sinn Fein

MurphySinn Féin MP Conor Murphy said today the British government needs to hear a united voice from every section of local society against Tory cuts.
Conor Murphy said:
“Cuts announced to Executive budgets over recent days are but a sign of things to come as a result of the cuts agenda of the Tory-led government at Westminster.
The Executive and all political parties have a particular role and responsibility to challenge this.
As a society as a whole we need to stand up together on this.
Trades unions, business, community and voluntary sectors, rural and urban, churches and charities, campaign groups and citizens have all criticised this cuts agenda because of the devastating impact it is having on every section of society including the most vulnerable in our community.
We should be under no illusion where these cuts are emanating from. These cuts were conceived and actioned by a right-wing millionaire cabinet in London.
They are a direct result of the British government’s sustained year-on-year attack on the block grant and they are seriously damaging the Executive’s ability to deliver core frontline public services.
The peace and political processes are inextricably bound up with the Executive’s capacity to bring about change. Those processes must be protected.
London needs to hear a single message from every section of our society on this issue.”