Conor Murphy MP brands tabloid story ‘pure fiction’

Sinn Fein

MurphySinn Féin MP Conor Murphy has poured scorn on a story in the Sun newspaper indicating that Labour and Sinn Féin have been involved in talks regarding the outcome of the forthcoming Westminster election branding the story as ‘pure fiction’.
Speaking today Mr Murphy said:
“The story in the Sun is pure fiction and another example of the lazy, gutter journalism associated with this particular newspaper.
Sinn Féin’s position on Westminster is very well known. We work hard in delivering a good service to our voters but we do not take our seats in Westminster.
We have met with all of the major British political parties in the line of our work as MPs over many years and have made this clear time and time again.
None of these parties have ever asked us over the course of these meetings to support them on the other side of an election.
Our position on refusing to take our seats at Westminster has been repeatedly endorsed by our electorate and this remains our position as we face into this year’s election.”