British and Irish governments must live up to responsibilities – Michelle Gildernew MP

Sinn Fein

GildernewSinn Féin MP Michelle Gildernew has said the British and Irish governments must live up to their responsibilities to support the peace and political processes.
Speaking from London after attending St Patrick’s Day events in the Irish Embassy and House of Lords, the Fermanagh/South Tyrone MP said;
“I’m delighted to travel to London to join these events, marking what is now a fortnight of events to mark St Patrick’s Day.
These events have been an increasingly important opportunity to come together with politicians and representatives from the wider Irish diaspora. They mark the political progress made and celebrate the role of the Irish community in Britain and their contribution to that process and society more widely.
We are currently facing a growing crisis. The failure of the DUP to stick to the Agreement made on welfare as part of the Stormont House Agreement has thrown this progress into serious jeopardy.
As Martin McGuinness made clear, Sinn Féin will not be supporting legislation which fails to protect the most vulnerable in society.
People in my constituency do not want to see any further Tory-imposed cuts and austerity foisted upon them. Sinn Féin will not be complicit in this, today nor in the future.
The current British government has repeatedly failed in its responsibilities to drive forward the peace process. Alongside the Irish government, it must fulfil its responsibilities and put the maximum pressure on the DUP to ensure what was agreed at Stormont House is honoured.
As the Westminster election approaches, many thousands of Irish voters in England, Scotland and Wales, who have shown great support for the peace process, will be looking to the parties seeking their votes.
Now more than ever, it is up to those parties to demonstrate they will ensure the necessary step-change is made to implement agreements and in ending the wholly negative impact of austerity politics.”