Alliances needed to defeat austerity agenda – Mickey Brady MP

Sinn Fein

BradySinn Féin MP Mickey Brady has said it is important to build alliances to defeat the austerity policies of the British Tory government.
Speaking at a Labour against Austerity rally in London yesterday Mr Brady said,
“Sinn Féin stood for election on an anti-austerity platform and we are mandated by our electorate to oppose austerity.
We will oppose the Thatcherite policies of the Tory millionaire cabinet which are designed to destroy the welfare state at the expense of ordinary, decent communities throughout these islands.
These policies not only destroy lives and living standards, they also threaten the peace process, and indeed now the power-sharing institutions of the Good Friday Agreement.
Austerity has failed and we need to work together to advance the progressive alternative. That is investment and growth, equality and prosperity, the safety net and a decent welfare state, jobs, fair pay and trade union rights.”