We are in the countdown to a United Ireland – Gerry Kelly MLA

Sinn Fein

KellySinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has said we are now on the countdown to a united Ireland.
Speaking at an Easter Rising commemoration in Carrickmore, county Tyrone, Mr Kelly said;
“The 1916 Easter Rising had a global effect which has inspired many successful national liberation struggles around the world during the last 100 years.
It lit a fire which is still burning bright in the hearts of all Irish Republicans as we move ever closer to achieving a United Ireland.
Across Ireland now Sinn Féin are stronger than we have ever been in our history. Irish politics is undergoing its biggest shake-up since partition. We are at the core of that change.
Our goal as Irish republicans is an Irish unity that is inclusive, that unionists will feel welcome in, that they are a part of.
There is much work to do. But we believe that we are in the countdown to a United Ireland. We believe that together we can make huge progress and truly transform society on this island forever.”